On average in all of our minds video games is something that brings up together as friends, families and individuals. From time to time video games can be violent, objectify women but never in any of my years of my gaming have I ever crossed paths with a game that rewards players for raping Aboriginal women.



History of the Game:

Custer’s Revenge, was a video game developed in the early 1980’s, by a gaming company called Mystique. The game was played on the Atari 2600, which during its time was the pinnacle of gaming software. Custers Revenge was designed for the sole purpose of discriminating against the Aboriginal culture. The game literally consisted of Custer, the main character within the game, achieving his goal of raping an Aboriginal women. Yes, this statement seems observed, and even too vulgar to talk about, but the game was mass produced and sold to many people around the world. Custer, was obviously related to the George Armstrong Custer, who took part in the American and Indian Wars in the 1800’s. Custer was in charge of the American onslaughts against Aboriginal communities.

Premise of the Game:

The games premise, is to dodge shooting arrows, in a desert wasteland, to try to get to a tied up, Aboriginal women. Oh, did I mention, that both the characters are completely naked? Even though the game was created with an 8 Bit engine, the gamers can easily establish the body parts of both charters. Custer, whom which the payer is controlling is clearly depicted butt naked with an erection. Whereas the Aboriginal female is depicted as being tied up to a cactus, naked and big breasted. I know what your thinking, this game couldn’t possibly get any worse right? Wrong. As the player is playing Custer he/she is in charge of evading an endless amount of arrows coming from the sky in order to reach his “goal”. One Custer has reached his goal, he then proceeds to literally, rape the Aboriginal women while she is still tied up and helpless. The words part of it is, there are no other goals or objectives in the game, the only difference is in which the Aboriginal women is positioned while being raped.

My Opinion of the Game:

In all honesty, it is very hard to explain without using much vulgar language, on how disgusting and discriminating this game is towards the Aboriginal culture. The whole games premise is to repeatedly rape an Aboriginal women, while at the same time being rewarded for doing so. From the background of the game, to the characters themselves, it displays tons of racist elements which in my opinion are unforgivable. The background of the game is designed to show the dominance of the while male in the west, the depiction of the Aboriginal women is designed to show that not only her, but the entire culture is at the mercy of “the white man”. The fact that the game was mass produced and made available for millions of gamers to use baffles me. This game is THE MOST RACIST video game ever made, I believe that this game diminishes aboriginal culture. If it was any way possible, this game should be banned form being sold or passed around, as it only influences the white superiority over aboriginals that is still unfortunately seen in modern days.

Class Relation:

This topic was inspired from the class reading As Long as Grass Grows or Water Runs written by Zinn Howard. The reason that I related the reading and this game is because of the importance of the lesson that the reader and player learn from both of these sources. Zinn talks about how society within the 1800’s thought that it was important to try and remove aboriginal people from the population. “The Indian, not needed-indeed, an obstacle0 could be dealt with sheer force, except that sometimes the language of paternalism preceded the burning of villages”. Both this reading and the game itself are a match in representing how aboriginal cultures were seen as lesser than other cultures.

See it for yourself:

As another warning, this is a YouTube clip of the game being played. It is indeed for a mature audience, although It is made in an 8 bit gaming system and most of it is pixelated I would not suggest anyone under the ages of 18 watch this.

Custer’s Revenge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY2AqKCpGkk


Submitted By: Anthony Maglietta 0485344