As seen in my previous blogs about how aboriginal women specifically were diminished within video games, there is a similar occurrence with male characters. Although it is not necessarily as sexist as the female, there are still many misrepresentations of male aboriginals and their cultures. What I mean by this is the way that characters within games are portrayed, this will inevitably lead an everlasting impact for those who are not educated with the proper culture dress codes and values of aboriginal people.

                I personally, as a child was raised in a very friendly gaming household. I have played many videos games, specifically fighting games such as mortal combat and street fighter. As you may be wondering, how does this have any relevance to what I am talking about. In both fighting games there are your stereotypical aboriginal traits in which video game developers use to help the public audience identify that they are of aboriginal decent. Mortal Kombat was one of first street fighter games that ever  made. In this game there was a character also known as Knightwolf. He was easily identifiable because of the feathers in his hair, face paintings, clothing and skin colour. Along with his looks, the game also uses different attributes to further increase the amount of stereotypes of aboriginal people by making one of his special fighting moves of him shape shifting into a wolf. This stereotype was intended to show how aboriginal people were very similar to animals and in a sense close in nature to them, following the victory in the game you can hear a shout with Nighthawk holding a tomahawk in the air. Likewise within one of my personal all time favourite arcade games, Street Fighter, has their own representation of an aboriginal male character named Thunder Hawk. Thunder Hawk has very similar traits as Nightwolf, he has a feather in his hair, similar clothing and even the old fashioned moccasin boots. Between the two characters is very prevalent that video game developers do not take into account of the different aboriginal cultures, meaning that there are different ways of dressing and styles of aboriginal communities. Game developers use aboriginal stereotypes to help ensure that their audience understand that these are what aboriginals look like. Unfortunately, those who have not been properly educated in what different cultural aboriginal people actually dress as believe that this is the correct appearance.

Class Relevance: Similar to my previous blog post I couldn’t get my mind off of the reading Jagged World Views Colliding by Leroy Little Bear. The reading itself was so intriguing and I cant help but use it in another of of my blog posts. Not only do I love the way that Little Bear draws his audience in with amazing information and correct fact, it is perfect for relation to these two characters ThunderHawk and Nightwolf. Little Bear throughout this reading describes the proper philosophies and values. Similar to my other blog post about female characters being improperly sexualized, this blog is almost the opposite and describes how make characters are improperly portrayed.

                In my opinion I believe that video game developers need to start taking into account the different type of aboriginal cultures and use that to properly portray aboriginal people within video games. Currently, in our society there are more people than ever who play video games and the number is only rising. It is my belief that there should be a proper law put in place so that these types or stereotypes do not get shown to the public. Although that may sound absurd, It is the only way to ensure that there is some proper information being relayed to millions of people throughout the world.

This is a picture of Nightwolf (Left) and ThunderHawk (Right)

Image                Image

This is a youtube clip of one of Nightwolf fighting moves in Mortal Kombat. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS HAS VIDEO GAME VIOLENCE.

 Anthony Maglietta