Info: As seen in my previous post, aboriginals, especially women have been objectified and looked down upon throughout many video games. Similar to my other post, this blog post will show how many other video games that objectify aboriginal women.  You will see within this blog, how women are depicted as sexualized objects rather than a proper representation of an aboriginal women.

History of the Game: The game I will be talking about is Darkwatch’s. Darkwatch was a first person shooter game created in 2005 for the XBOX and the PlayStation 2. The reason I will be using a first person shooter as my example is because of one of the mian characters the game allows the player to use. Her name is Tala. Tala being one of the main characters within the game gives the player many opportunities to play her.

My Opinion on the Game: The reason I believe that the game Darkwatch sexualizes women is because of the character Tala herself. She is not only a major representation of what an aboriginal women is truly like but she is also overly sexualized to appeal to a younger male demographic. It is sad to say that a character of specific ethnicities have to be changed or adapted in order to meet to societies wants. Tala has been seen throughout the gaming society as a very sexual character in which is supposed to represent an aboriginal women. She is seen in many images as big breasted with a feather in her hair. This is a constant interpretation of an aboriginal sown, as seen in my previous blog post. Even in Custers Revenge, the premise of the female characters are drawn and created in the same way. This leads me to wonder why aboriginal women are portrayed this way. Is it because this is the way society wants them to be seen? Or is it because society has been so used to seeing aboriginal women being portrayed this way it is what they expect because they do not know any better? Either way this is an issue. The misrepresentation of aboriginal women is becoming very serious especially throughout the rising gaming community. Thousands of people are playing video games and being exposed to the wrongful images of aboriginal women. There is a fine line between creators making “sexy” characters and making them too sexualized to the point of misrepresenting an entire ethnicity.

Class Relation: This blog post was originally inspired by Jagged World Views Colliding by Leroy Little Bear. The reason that this reading had inspired me to use this particular video game is because of the clear cut differences there are between what the philosophies, values, customs, cultures and even dress codes are. Little Bear talks about the truth of culture withing an aboriginal culture while video game developers clearly going against the truth in order to help depict incorrect stereotypes. Unfortunately, although Little Bear is a famous person, the reality is that many more people play these types of games and take the images they see as true.

Examples of Tala: The following images were created by designers or adapted by outside sources in order to help increase the amount of sexual attraction. However, this is to the cost of disregarding the proper dress code of aboriginal women.

Tala-Darkwatch This is Tala.